Maritime transport is the most widely used means of transporting goods between countries, whether the intention is to import or export material. The evolution of port traffic means an increase in port activity year after year.

The availability time of equipment is a very important factor in this process as both port storage capacities and wharves are limited and therefore the efficiency of machines is needed for loading and unloading of materials. The port sector is also an environment where more and more innovations are being incorporated to improve the efficiency of loading and unloading operations. In this same line, Credeblug has incorporated in the last years important developments in the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic design to offer a specific and competitive port product.

Flexibility for its solutions, adaptability to the type of product to be handled and clear market orientation make Blug a long-term partner.

Blug offers orange peel grabs, clamshell grabs, amphibious machines and tongs with the latest technologies for working under these conditions.

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