Grab configurator

Orange peel grabs

Discover the complete range of grabs for cranes that we offer according to the drive mechanism and density that you need to handle: municipal solid waste (MSW), rubbish, industrial waste, metal chips, scrap metal, pig iron, stones, rocks, etc.

Clamshell grabs

Discover the complete range of clamshell grabs we offer according to the drive mechanism and density you need to handle: bulk materials and products, fertilisers, sludge, coal, sand, rubble, stones, husks, cement, hot clinker...

Underwater clamshell grabs and orange peel grabs

Discover the complete range of amphibious grabs and octopuses that we offer you, ready to be completely submerged and to handle materials such as: mud, sludge, sand, rubble, stones, husks...

Tongs for cranes

Discover the wide range of hydraulic, mechanical, electro-hydraulic and electromechanical tongs for loading and unloading aluminium slabs, steel slabs, bundles of pipes and bars, billets, granite blocks, coils, forestry waste. Whatever the type of handling, our Engineering Department will develop a solution adapted to your case.

Digital Blug platform allows remote access, data storage and processing, and equipment maintenance management.

This platform can work with our GIITS system (Grab Intelligent Interface and Transmission System). This sytem offers wireless communication between grab and crane for higher quality of operating information (from sensors), control and cost reduction.

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