Clamshell grabs

Clamshell grabs

Discover the complete range of clamshell grabs we offer according to the drive mechanism and density you need to handle: bulk materials and products, fertilisers, sludge, manure, sand, rubble, stones, husks, cement, hot clinker...

Hydraulic grabs

Not autonomous grabs. Driven hydraulically by a group foreign to the grabs. The oil under pressure must come from the exterior.

Ecologically friendly grabs

  • Opened valve example: material dropping during grab´s transport

  • Closed valve example: ecologically friendly grab

  • The ecologically friendly models avoid any risk of material dropping during their transport.
  • Double elastic closing between the lips of the valves for materials in powder .

Design and simulation

  • Our design office develops each design according to F.E.M. 1001 Section I:1998, UNE-58132 and UNE-EN 13155 using the latest 3D and CAD/CAM tools.
  • Each new design is validated and optimised using Finite Elements Analysis technique in the way to analyse fatigue effects and warranty 2.000.000 cycles for components´ and machines´ working life.

Electro-hydraulic system functioning

Motor reversal Electrically operated valve
Wire quantity: 4 Wire quantity: 7
Pump type: Piston pump (fix flow) Pump type:
Gear pump (fix flow)
Piston pump (fix flow)
Piston pump (variable flow)

Variable flow hydraulic units

  • Electrically operated valve hydraulic units that use variable flow piston pumps warranty hydraulic components´ working life increase in more than 300% in comparison with fix flow pump´s functioning.
  • This system avoids oils overheating (4 times minor than with fix flow pumps) due to Load-Sensing control. This way pumps´ plate is continuously adapting its inclination in the way to optimise the penetration force and minimise power demand (40% minor than fix flow pumps) and increase grab´s overall efficiency.


  • Structure manufactured in S355 J2G3 rolled steel (elastic yield 510-610 N/mm2).
  • It is possible to install interchangeable manganese wear resistant teeth (up to 500 HB) into grab´s valves in the way to improve machine´s penetration into the material.
  • For grabs in contact with abrasive materials we normally recommend to manufacture valves plates in wear resistant steel (hardness up to 475 HBW).

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