The recycling sector is growing exponentially every day thanks to the Circular Economy. This term means that used resources and products can be reused over and over again.

Waste has to be well treated for further reuse or combustion and all this takes place in waste treatment plants, this is where BLUG solutions become so important.


Maritime transport is the most widely used means of transporting goods between countries, whether the intention is to import or export material. The evolution of the port traffic means year after year an increase in port activity. BLUG offers orange peel grabs, clamshell grabs, amphibious machines and tongs with the latest technologies to work in these conditions.

Metallurgical/Steel works

The iron and steel sector is another sector where BLUG machines are very present, being also the sector for which Blug Ibérica started to design and manufacture equipment in 1965. The diversity of shapes and densities that the material adopts in the process makes the customer´s needs very different.


This is a sector where projects are often complex and where the engineering and technical department plays a very important role as the projects are often very different from each other. 

Probably where the external factor is given a great relevance, such as, for example, wind gusts, currents, depths, natural environment, corrosion...

Other sectors

At BLUG we provide a range of real and immediate, high quality solutions in demanding environments such as cement, paper, mining, chemical, wastewater treatment plants or glass, among others. We offer innovative and cutting-edge technology, perfectly customisable and scalable to any industrial interface.

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