Tongs for cranes

Tongs for cranes

Discover the wide range of hydraulic, mechanical, electro-hydraulic and electromechanical tongs for loading and unloading aluminium slabs, steel slabs, bundles of pipes and bars, billets, granite blocks, coils, forestry waste. Whatever the type of handling, our Engineering Department will develop a solution adapted to your case.

Electromechanical tongs

Blug offers a wide range of electromechanical grippers for loading and unloading pallets, coils, dowels, etc.

Taylor made solutions

  • The references shown are just a few examples of the BLUG tongs and grapples range. Depending on the specific requirements of your handling conditions, we will study your case to offer the best solution.
  • Integrated control devices to warranty the security on every handling cycle.


  • Preliminary design

  • Design + optimisation + validation

  • Manufacturing

  • Material to handle
  • Required capacity
  • Material´s dimensions
  • Displacement / rotation
  • Crane capacity
  • Required working system
  • Material´s condition
  • Working limitations

Design and simulation

  • Our design office develops each design according to F.E.M. 1001 Section I:1998, UNE-58132 and UNE-EN 13155 using the latest 3D and CAD/CAM tools.
  • Each new design is validated and optimised using Finite Elements Analysis technique in the way to analyse fatigue effects and warranty 2.000.000 cycles for components´ and machines´ working life.

Electro-hydraulic system functioning

Motor reversal Electrically operated valve
Wire quantity: 4 Wire quantity: 7
Pump type: Piston pump (fix flow) Pump type: Gear pump (fix flow)
Piston pump (fix flow)
Piston pump (variable flow)

Variable flow hydraulic units

  • Electrically operated valve hydraulic units that use variable flow piston pumps warranty hydraulic components´ working life increase in more than 300% in comparison with fix flow pump´s functioning.
  • This system avoids oils overheating (4 times minor than with fix flow pumps) due to Load-Sensing control. This way pumps´ plate is continuously adapting its inclination in the way to optimise the penetration force and minimise power demand (40% minor than fix flow pumps) and increase grab´s overall efficiency


  • The most adequate materials and components are defined for each reference :
    • High strength steel for severer applications.
    • Wear resistant materials for tongs and grapples in contact with abrasive materials.
    • Contact surfaces covered with plastic materials in the way to protect finished parts from possible damaging.
    • Thermal insulation for loads at high temperatures.

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