Atex certification

Possibility of certifying any of our models in ATEX zone 1/21 or 2/22 for explosive atmospheres.

The name ATEX comes from the French standard 94/9/EC "Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères EXplosives" (equipment for use in explosive atmospheres). The harmonised standardisation process that the European Union launched in the 1970s is a reference in terms of regulation. Based on a harmonised system of units and with the advantage of being legal in the European Union, the ATEX Directive succeeded in lifting the existing trade barriers within the Eurozone. The name ATEX became synonymous with explosion protection.

Credeblug was one of the first manufacturers to come into contact with this type of certification for handling machinery and this experience means that Blug equipment always has a level of protection that complies with the regulations. It should not be forgotten that all equipment and all its components must be subjected to a formal and documented risk analysis. This assessment must be carried out to determine which possible ignition sources are present in the equipment under consideration and are therefore ignition sources related to the equipment and whether they are potential ignition sources. This analysis is always carried out in accordance with the regulations in force and the area(s) to be considered.

Blug orange peel grabs, clamshell grabs and tongs have numerous references certified for Atex environments, which shows our commitment to remain a global manufacturer and offer adapted solutions to different environments.

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