Orange peel grabs

Orange peel grabs

Discover the complete range of grabs for cranes that we offer according to the drive mechanism and density that you need to handle: urban solid waste (USW), rubbish, industrial waste, metal chips, scrap metal, pig iron, stones, rocks, etc.

Jaw closing options

  • Opened structure

    Recommended for big size materials like :

    • Rocks
    • Baled scrap
    • Big stones
    • Trunks
  • Half-opened structure

    Recommended for medium size materials like :

    • Urban solid waste(USW)
    • Medium size and fragmented scrap
    • Cast-iron
  • Closed structure

    Recommended for low size materials like :

    • Metal chips
    • Crushed tires
    • Batteries
    • Small ingots
  • Depending on the material to be handled there is a recommended jaw closing degree.
  • The weight shown in the technical sheets is defined for half-opened structure.

Design and simulation of crane grabs

  • Our technical department develops the design in accordance with F.E.M. 1001 Section I:1998, UNE 58132 and UNE-EN 13155 standards and using the most innovative CAD/CAM techniques.

  • Each new design is validated and optimised by means of simulations carried out using the Finite Element technique in order to analyse the fatigue resistance and guarantee a minimum of 2.000.000 cycles of useful life for our equipment and components.

Electrohydraulic circuit operation

A Reversing engine rotation A Electrovalve
Number of wires required: 4 Number of wires required: 7
Pump type: Pistons (fixed flow) Pump type:
Gear (fixed flow)
Piston (fixed flow)
Piston (variable displacement)

Variable flow rate

  • The solenoid valve operation with variable displacement piston pumps guarantees an increase in the service life of the hydraulic elements by more than 300% compared to fixed displacement operation.

  • This system avoids excessive heating of the oil (4 times less than with fixed displacement pumps) thanks to LoadSensing control. In this way, the pump platen swings at every moment of the cycle, adapting to the necessary gripping force and minimising consumption (40% less than with fixed-flow pumps) and machine deterioration.

Crane grabs materials

  • Main structure made of rolled steel S355 J2G3 (yield strength 510-610 N/mm2).
  • Penetration teeth in anti-wear manganese steel (360-400 HB).
  • There is the option of manufacturing the shells in contact with abrasive materials (hardness up to 475 HBW) in wear-resistant steels.
  • Possibility of manufacturing the shells in contact with corrosive materials in stainless steel.

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