The hydraulic circuit of Blug orange peel grabs and clamshell grabs is equipped with top brand elements and has the necessary configuration to control and prolong the life of the whole machine and its components.

The variable displacement piston pump allows the power developed during the opening/closing of the machine to be optimised for each movement. The Load-Sensing control regulates the degree of inclination of the pump platen to adapt to the required gripping force at any given moment. This system prevents the oil from heating up due to lamination and significantly increases the service life of the hydraulic components.

Compared to fixed-flow pumps, it is estimated that the service life is increased by more than 300% and the overall consumption of the orange peel grab / clamshell grab is reduced by 40% (data based on certified measurements).

The regulation and revision of the hydraulic unit is facilitated by windows in the body and by having the components to be regulated/replaced in the different preventive and corrective maintenance actions, such as pressure valves or oil filters, in easily accessible areas. This makes maintenance easier and reduces the downtime of the equipment.

The Blug electro-hydraulic range also has a differential element: its cylinders. These cylinders have a specific design that allows all the hydraulic connections to be located in the upper part of the grab. This reduces the risk of hose rupture, as well as the length of the hoses. This perforated piston rod design also features a hydraulic damping system that minimises the contact of the mechanical parts at the end of the stroke.

We have a continuously renewed stock of hydraulic material. Thanks to the modular design of our electro-hydraulic range, we are able to minimise the number of component references, thus optimising their cost and availability.

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