The wireless GIITS (Grab Intelligent Interface and Transmission System) allows for reliable, real-time communication between the orange peel grab/clamshell grab and the crane´s PLC. It consists of a transmitter/receiver assembly to simplify wiring and improve the quality of operating information, opening the door to possible automation.

The main advantage of GIITS technology is that automation and maintenance of manipulators is made much simpler and cheaper. It even opens the door to the modernisation of equipment that does not have the necessary electrical wiring in the reel.

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  • Orange peel Grab/Clamshell Grab and/or Crane signal collection.
  • Configuration and basic display of signals.
  • Interconnection of signals from different equipment wirelessly (Master-Slave).
  • Interconnection with DigitalBLUG

Signal collection Orange peel grab, Clamshell grab and/or Crane

  • Up to 8 (2x4) analogue inputs (AI)
  • Up to 8 (2x4) analogue outputs (AO)
  • Up to 16 (2x8) digital inputs (DI)
  • Up to 16 (2x8) digital outputs (DO)
  • X, Y, Z tilts and accelerations

Basic configuration and display of signals

  • Machine-level and instantaneous display.
  • Configuration of signals to be monitored and displayed.
  • Generation of thresholds in the configured signals.
  • Activate/Duplicate signals to outputs available in GIITS.
  • Visualisation of the system via web.

Interconnection of signals from different devices wirelessly (master-slave).

  • Master-slave configuration for wireless communication.
  • Duplicate signals from slave to master and vice versa.
  • Collect signals at machine set level (Crane and grab).
  • Simple master-slave linking.

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