Spare parts

Do you need a spare part for your BLUG machine?

We have stock of the main components to guarantee a short downtime and full performance of the installation. Thanks to the family design of the standard range of Blug products, the number of references to be stocked is minimised and the production series are larger in quantity, and therefore the price per unit is more competitive. This modular design also allows us to reduce our delivery times. 


Register to our DigitalBLUG platform for monitoring and maintenance of machines where you can access to know the recommended time to replace a part, store the maintenance book and record these changes made during its useful life.

The DigitalBlug platform also allows the processing of data and the generation of alarms when certain thresholds are exceeded in the values recorded by the sensors. This opens the door to anticipate possible breakdowns, warning of the need for a localised inspection based on real, quality data.

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