Thanks to the DigitalBLUG platform, you can carry out continuous maintenance and monitoring of the state of your machines. It allows you to access grab documentation and know when you have to change any of the parts. It interacts simultaneously with the machine offering you greater control and diagnosis of the machine from anywhere through multiple devices.

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  • Remote platform for maintenance and monitoring of BLUG machines.
  • Monitoring of signals, history and generation of alerts-notifications.
  • Documentation of your grabs.
  • Maintenance of your grabs.

Signal monitoring

  • Access to the evolution of each of the signals.
  • Generation of thresholds that generate notifications-alerts or maintenance tasks.
  • Generation of predictive maintenance models.
  • Establishment of patterns
  • Identification of trends

Documentation and maintenance of machines

  • Data sheet
  • Features
  • Manuals
  • Tutorials maintenance tasks
  • Maintenance task videos
  • Notifications and history of maintenance tasks.
  • Log of the tasks carried out

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