CredeBLUG sensors orange peel grabs and clamshell grabs


CredeBLUG completes its technological offer with the "GIITS" system and the "Digital BLUG" platform and prepares a modernisation plan for facilities and processes.

Article written by Jesús Galindo / Empresa XXI

Credeblug´s plans to strengthen its offering of sensorised and communicated equipment for land cranes and diversify into the offshore field has consolidated positions in 2022. As the orange peel grabs and clamshell grabs manufacturer´s manager, Asier Susaeta, explains, the innovation plans developed in recent years "have been completed with two new digital products: the ´GIITS´ wireless system, a pack with which we sensor the equipment and communicate it with the crane´s PLC, and the ´Digital Blug´ platform, which will capture and process the information to offer servicing. This will drive preventive and predictive maintenance and the generation of alarms to optimise this work, avoiding unexpected downtime.

"This year we will improve on the results of 2021, and 2023 will be along the same lines" Asier Susaeta, Managing Director.

First delivery of digitised orange peel grabs

The innovative work has resulted in the achievement of the first order for the supply of four 10 m3 orange peel grabs equipped with the ´GIITS´ system, which will soon enter into service in the new Asturias incinerator promoted by Valtalia. Susaeta indicates that the design of the ´GIITS´, a small-sized equipment, will facilitate its incorporation into equipment in use within the process of digitalisation of the cranes.

They will also make progress in the offshore field with the forthcoming completion of the Hazitek Wind2Grid 2020-2022, in which they have the backing of Tecnalia. This plan has been based on their proximity to the demands of the customers of these activities, which led them to design a solution for the repair of power evacuation lines from offshore wind farms to land. In particular, Credeblug has developed a cable cutter that simplifies the current process. The device allows the user to locate the damaged area, clamp the cable and cut it, holding one end in place. Prototype manufacture will be completed this year and sea trials will be completed in the coming months.

"It opens a plan to incorporate lathes and CNCs that will allow it to machine larger parts".

While working on the generation of supply with a greater digital and technological load, Susaeta indicates that they are tackling several actions to raise internal productivity and significantly reduce their environmental impact. In this plan, the project financed by Ihobe stands out, which they are developing in collaboration with Iraurgi Berritzen and B+I Strategy, to analyse all their processes and improve them, including the value chain, with the aim of influencing the product but also reducing the carbon footprint through applications that, for example, extend the useful life of the equipment. 

Digitise and Automate

These actions will be consolidated in a second phase, to be developed from 2023, for the digitisation and automation of processes. The objective here is to continue to improve the quality and traceability of equipment. This work will be preceded by the deployment of a plan to renew lathes and CNCs in order to be able to machine larger parts. The investments will start to materialise in the coming months and will run until 2024.

Credeblug´s managing director is also positive about the market situation: "In 2022 we will improve on last year´s results and we already have a portfolio for the first months of 2023, so it is likely that the cycle will be extended into next year. One of our main customer sectors, waste treatment, maintains a high level of demand, which provides a firm footing in the short to medium term.

As an example, last month they shipped three 12m3 grabs to Poland for a Posco-promoted incinerator in Warsaw; and, in the coming months, they will be fulfilling orders for four machines for the recycling sector in Greece, as well as several orders for the French market.

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